3 Reasons Why Pasta Bowls Have An Edge Over Dinner Plates

3 Reasons Why Pasta Bowls Have An Edge Over Dinner Plates

Before getting into this, it would be prudent to forewarn you that this is a Pasta Bowl stan and propaganda piece. Now, there is still a place in the world for your regular dinner plates, however, the key to complete world peace is the availability of Pasta Bowls to every living person on this planet! The research has been undertaken and peer-reviewed!


What are Pasta Bowls?

Pasta Bowls (also known as Deep Plates or Blates) are wider but more shallow bowls. Despite the name, they are used to serve many different types of dishes - a plate of many faces.


Your Pasta Bowl journey

Growing up in your parents' home you usually had just 3 types of plates: dinner plates,  a couple of soup bowls, and some saucers for Dad’s coffee. You probably had a lot of them in the house, and they were very likely porcelain white; life was okay, right? But then came the stage in life called ‘adulting’, when you had to start buying your own dinnerware. During your quest for new dinner plates as a now independent citizen of this world, you stumbled across Pasta Bowls, and it was at that moment that your quality of life improved drastically. Why didn’t it occur to you how great Pasta Bowls were at those Carluccio’s lunches? Doesn’t matter, you’ve now reached the promised land and there is no going back.


Pasta Bowl vs Dinner Plate

Dinner Plates have their place but Pasta Bowls are really functionally superior to its sibling:

  1. In the ergonomic showdown, Pasta Bowls take the win as they are easier to hold. Works well when you’re on the sofa with your dinner-filled Pasta Bowl in hand rather than hunched over a dinner plate on a tray.
  2. Pasta Bowls are usually made thicker than dinner plates meaning not only are they kinder to your hands when there's hot food in there, but they also keep the food warmer for longer.
  3. For the gluttonous bunch, Pasta Bowls stop the food from falling off the sides because, well, they are bowls!

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